There is a compehensive network of forest roads in the Laipanmaa area. The first roads were built in the 1950’s so that transporting lumber from the industrially used forest areas would be easier. After the first roads were built, the transportation of wood increased significantly. Then as now the main reason for these roads is transporting wood.

Hikers are by no means the only group of people using the roads. Therefore it is necessary to concider other users of the roads in case you come across them. It’s especially important to take into concideration all heavy machinery and wood lorries which unlike normal cars cannot stop quickly or move to the side of the road easily. The drivers of these vehicles are doing their job and would much appreciate enough room and peace to do their job. Sometimes you’ll see forest machines unloading lumber at the side of the road. It usually doesn’t take long so the best idea is to make room and wait until the driver is ready. Please also note if driving in a normal car past such points, that the spot can be muddier or softer than its surroundings due to the wear and tear by the machinery. Please be careful in passing such spots.

There is no winter maintenance in Laipanmaa, so the trails can be very challenging to hike if there is a lot of snow. If you would like to hike in the wintertime, please note that the roads leading to the starting spots are also not necessarily maintained in winter (the road owners do it at their discretion and personal need.)