To Rajala’s hut from Pälkäne and Luopioinen

When arriving from Pälkäne, turn from main road 12 to road 322, towards Luopioinen. Drive 18 kilometres and turn left to Haltia. If you are coming from Luopioinen, the turn to Haltia is of course on the right-hand side. Drive towards Haltia for about 3 km and then turn left to Hirvijärventie-road. This is a narrow road with some wider spots to let approaching cars pass. Stay on this road for about 5 kilometres until you come to a crossroads. Turn left to Teivaantie-road which brings you to Rajala’s hut where there’s plenty of parking space.

To Rajala’s hut from Kangasala

Get yourself to road 325 (Kuhmalahdentie-road) and turn to Taipaleentie-road. When coming from Sahalahti or Kangasala it’s a turn right, when arriving from Kuhmalahti a left turn. Drive about 3,5 km to a crossroads and then about 7 km on Teivaantie-road, which leads to Rajala’s hut.

Pond Pihtilampi:

From road 322 you’ll turn to Pihtilammentie-road. When coming from Pälkäne, the Pihtilammentie turn is a bit past Luopioinen town center to the left. When coming from Kuhmalahti or Rautajärvi the turn is to the right a bit after Rautajärvi village center. The Pihtilammentie-road is partly very narrow and has a few wider spots to let approaching cars pass. Drive it for about 3,5 kilometres until it forks to the left towards the pond. This road leads to the parking space. When parking, make sure there is enough room for wood lorries to work and turn.